Cyborg 009 summary:

From TokyoPop (based on volume 1): The World at the Brink of Self-Annihilation The nuclear age has brought with it the arms race, which has led to the advent of weapons powerful enough to destroy the world itself several times over. Unwilling to take the plunge into Armageddon, the world powers, in league with a group known only as the Black Ghost, have developed super soldiers known as the Cyborgs, designed to fight the wars of the world in space. Unfortunately, the Black Ghost didn't ask the Cyborgs how they felt about their role in the new world order. This classic work from manga legend Shotaro Ishinomori (Masked Rider) not only told a thrilling tale set against a backdrop of Cold War tensions, but it also helped define the genre of super team stories such as Battle of the Planets, Voltron, and The Power Rangers.

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