I Treated The Mastermind And Ran Away
I Treated The Mastermind And Ran Away

I Treated The Mastermind And Ran Away

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Read manhwa I Treated The Mastermind And Ran Away / I Healed the Darkness and Ran Away / 흑막을 치료하고 도망쳐버렸다

Evelyn reincarnated into her favorite novel.
But unfortunately for her role, she is an extra who has enormous divine powers but is only taken advantage of by her and dies her miserable death.

She was adopted by the count’s family and endured all sorts of abuse and humiliation without using her divine power.
All in order to be kidnapped by the male protagonist of this novel, the cursed Grand Duke of Darkness.

“I heard a prophecy, and it said you could break my curse.”
“Yes, but there is a condition. I need money to live outside this empire.”

In order to survive, she must pretend to be Cordelia, the goddess and heroine of the prophecy.
All Evelyn wants is freedom, not romance.
Her contract went smoothly.
… … Until it was discovered that Evelyn wasn’t the heroine.

“You dare not only deceive me, more so run away? The weight of that responsibility won’t be light.”

In the end, she closed her eyes tightly, wondering if she was going to die like this.

“Marry me.”

Huh?! Something is strange about the Grand Duke of Darkness?