Demon King’s Doll Butler
Demon King’s Doll Butler

Demon King’s Doll Butler

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Read manhwa Demon King’s Doll Butler / 魔王的玩偶管家 / 마왕님의 인형 집사 / 마왕님의 인형집사

After experiencing death as the first human sacrifice in history, I vowed to never reincarnate and roamed the spirit realm for centuries.

But when I opened my eyes, I suddenly found myself in a physical body!

The damned mages summoned my spirit against my will and sealed me inside a doll!

As I took down the mages and reminisced about my days in the spirit realm, the passing Demon Lord made an unexpected proposal.

The Demon Lord will grant me permission to enter the afterlife if I become the butler for his son until he comes of age…?

I will be in your service, Demon Lord!

But when I first met the Demon Lord’s son, he was beyond feisty and fought me tooth and nail simply for touching his hair.

While the savage instinct to destroy was short-lived, the young master began to follow me around.

Just when I thought I was set on the death route I longed for, my young master’s powers awakened, and he began to become obsessed with me. “Perry, I don’t want you to touch other men. You’re supposed to be my butler.”

Hold on, what the hell does that mean?! A doll butler’s peculiar! Catastrophic! Problematic parenting in the guise of romance!

Will Perry get to return to the spirit realm as planned?